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My favorite note-taking app for programmers

Published: (2 min read)

Recently, I decided to start saving useful links and videos, that I am going to watch or watched already. In order to do that I needed a place where I can store all these items. My first decision was Github Gist with secret gists. To interact with my gists, I found this snippet manager called Lepton


I used this tool for a while and I quite liked it, but there was one downside - lack of customization. I can’t pick my preferred theme, I can’t pick font style and etc. Obviously, you can live without these features and I could. But I found an alternative which can handle all that - Boostnote


Boostnote has a lot of options for customizing from font size and theme to editor keymap. I can create my own unique editor and interface. Also, it has a very simple interface which everyone can easily understand. As for the functionality, Boostnote offers two types of notes:

Two types of notes

Also, it’s very easy to set up cloud storage so you can use Boostnote on multiple devices.

As for the iOS and Android, Boostnote had an app, but it was closed.

Code quality is too bad and the original maintainer left this project quite ago

Overall, I really like Boostnote, and personally, I think that this is the best note-taking app for programmers.

Boostnote claims that it will Boost Happiness, Productivity, and Creativity and it certainly really did mine 😊

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